Two Other Cases

of Dr. Paul Francel's

Stories by Nancy Allen



Beautiful but treacherous ice in Ada in SE Oklahoma

Some years ago Dr. Francel treated a close friend's elderly relative, Mr. Harrison, after he fell on the ice and had a serious brain bleed into his head.  He was taken to the ICU in Oklahoma City from Ada in southeastern Oklahoma.  He had an excellent outcome, much better than I expected and I am a nurse so I know bleeding into the brain can be really bad or even fatal. I was afraid he would be disabled and possibly in a nursing home when he left the hospital.  The family was really taken with Dr. Francel.  He was very caring and even went to the chapel to pray with the family when they asked him to.  Several months after the event I was very surprised to learn when visiting with the family that he had driven his wife clear to Colorado and back and he was doing great. They all speak very highly of Dr. Francel today and think he is just wonderful.  Update:  I just found out fairly recently Mr. Harrison died in 2013 after living to 87 years of age--a number of years after his accident.  Thanks Dr. Francel for giving him all that extra time to enjoy life!  Mr. Harrison was a veteran of World War II.




Gamma Knife - a radiation machine not a "knife"

Several years ago a good  friend J. A.  that I knew from junior high school had an acoustic neuroma.  That was over 10 years ago.  I suggested she go to Dr. Francel to see if she could possibly get treated with the Gamma Knife (a form of very concentrated gamma radiationóCobalt 60 which attacks the diseased tissue while sparing normal tissue).  It is usually administered in one treatment.  Dr. Francel trained with Ladislau Steiner, M.D., Ph.D. an expert in the Gamma Knife who helped refine the Gamma Knife to its present state.

My friendís condition, according to her, may have a small residual, but has remained stable which is good news. As time went by she lost some hearing on the side of the tumor, probably from the tumor and the procedure, which is quite common.  She was able to avoid having a craniotomy (her head opened).  J. A. is enjoying retirement with her daughter, son in law, and 2 beautiful grandchildren.  She was able to help care for her mother who had Alzheimer's and recently passed away.  She is a very talented musician playing the piano and organ.  She has taken several enjoyable trips.

I have known several other people in the past that had open surgery by other doctors for that problem and so regretted not going to Dr. Francel for the Gamma Knife treatment.  Sadly, they had many devastating effects from their surgeries.  I believe if a person can be treated by the Gamma Knife, it is so much safer for them than having a craniotomy because it avoids any potential problems of surgery. Even though there are some risks with the Gamma Knife I believe they are so much less than opening a personís head.