Arnold Ray Allen - Left - Byng High School Senior Picture 1956 - Right - Arnold about 1990

Arnold was born in Fairfax, OK.  His parents were Norine Jones Allen and Joseph "Joe" Earn Allen.  Click here to see a page honoring them.  They had three other children in addition to Arnold, Carmon Lee Allen of Oklahoma City, Joyce Francis Allen Harber (deceased), and Clyde Edward Allen (deceased).


Left to right - Clyde, Joyce, Arnold, and Carmon Lee 1989

Due to Arnold's tragic loss of his mother to illness when he was almost 7 years old, he had a difficult childhood living in orphanages and foster homes where he was usually expected to do the work of a grown man. This situation arose because his father had to work in the oil fields and couldn't do that and raise 4 small children.  His father loved the children very much but there were no other options at the time.  It was a very trying situation for all involved.

One family Arnold lived with of historical interest was Charles Richard Osborn and wife Mary E. (Brown) Osborn. This was when Arnold was in the 8th and 9th grades.  At that time the Osborns were located in Pawnee, OK.  They were the parents of world famous evangelist T. L. Osborn of The Osborn Ministries International still based in Tulsa.  The Ministries are now run by Dr. LaDonna Osborn as T.L. (Tommy Lee) and his wife Daisy Marie (Washburn) Osborn have died.  Sometimes when Arnold was there T.L. and Daisy would come by the house and talk and show pictures of their world wide ministry. 

Life was pretty tough at the Osborns although they were good people and provided Arnold a roof over his head and food.  They had no electricity or running water and Arnold slept in an unheated attic. He took care of farm animals and other farm duties and went to school.  He was grateful for their help and has fond memories of the family. Arnold accepted whatever life sent his way with no complaints. A few years ago we drove by their house and farm and the cemetery where they were buried. 

Despite the hardships of childhood, he excelled in school and was the only one of the children to receive a B.S. Degree. This was due to his hard work and intelligence and also thanks to George and Dorothy Milligan of Byng who gave him a home for the first two years of college.  He had to work full time during college to support himself and sometimes also his dad who lived with him occasionally.


George and Dorothy Milligan 2006

Arnold's other siblings were also very intelligent, especially his brothers who were both high achievers all their lives.  One brother (Carmon L. "Lee" Allen) was only a course short of getting his B.S. degree and the other brother (Clyde Edward Allen) got his associates degree in engineering.  His sister (Joyce Frances Allen Harber) went to secretarial school.  Carmon Lee Allen, while working full time, was also in the National Guard for 42 years and rose to the rank of Command Sergeant Major.  Clyde Edward Allen served his country in the U.S. Army as a SP5.  He was stationed in a number of different countries.  He also served in the Army Reserves.

Arnold graduated from Byng High School near Ada, Oklahoma in 1956.  He went to East Central University while working full time and got his B.S. Degree, majoring in Math and Physics with a minor in Drafting.  He proudly served his country in the Air Force for 4 years where he learned and worked in electronics and later cryptography. 


Arnold - U.S. Air Force - Airman First Class

After graduating from ECU in 1964 he worked as a mathematician in the space program at Cape Canaveral in Florida and in the electronics field doing communications and navigation on the F-111 fighter-bomber.  He also worked on electronic countermeasures. In one job he worked on trajectories for the lunar orbiter.


Arnold 1964 - East Central University

At one time, he worked on some early versions of e-mail for military use.  It wasn't called e-mail then.  Later, he worked as a computer systems analyst and computer technician.   Until his recent retirement, he was a customer engineer with BancTec for 20 years. He repaired and maintained large check sorting machines and other equipment in banks.  He is a great troubleshooter.  I learned from observing his troubleshooting skills that it takes a very logical mind and a great deal of patience to excel at that.  Arnold always autographs his work with excellence.


Arnold 1960's

Arnold is  very creative.  He is always inventing and designing things.  He can fix almost anything broken whether it be in electronics, electrical, plumbing, or other mechanical devices.  I often call him "My Hubby the Inventor" or "Mr. Fix It."   Sometimes I call him "A Rocket Scientist" from the time he spent in the space program at Cape Canaveral.


Arnold working on a wind power project in 1974.

He was also working on an electric car.

It is a lot harder for him to function since his first brain surgery (not by Dr. Francel) which damaged several cranial nerves causing him to have problems determining where objects are in space and to see double all the time.  It is often frustrating doing projects that would have been so easy and enjoyable before, but he persists because he loves them. Amazingly enough, he has been able over the years to mentally suppress his extra image for the most part, contributing to his double vision.  However, he does patch his right eye while playing tennis and driving at night.  It continues to remind me how powerful and amazing our brains are.

For more information about Arnold's brain tumor go to You Have a Brain Tumor and Happy Anniversary.

Arnold 1967

Here are a few projects Arnold has done since retirement in February of 2006.  I am showing them to demonstrate how well he is functioning neurologically since his surgeries.  I am very impressed with the beautiful work he does.  Determination to succeed and skill are responsible.  Below are:  the new wood fence (individual boards he cut and put together) with two gates (nothing prefabricated), back porch canopy (he made the windows), and completing the new bathroom in the basement (a huge challenge).  He said after he made the bathroom that he never realized how impaired he was until he made it.

New Basement Bathroom


Arnold is married to Nancy Allen.  He plays tennis several times a week.  Tennis is his favorite sport.  In the past he has enjoyed hiking, camping, running, and snow skiing.  He is a certified scuba diver.


In the past he has collected old railroad lanterns and old hardware of various kinds, usually old computers.  He donated much of his computer collection to a museum in Oregon.


Recently he refurbished his late father in law's tennis barn that has an inside court.  It had fallen in disrepair when Orval became sick with Alzheimer's.  It is great to use in inclement weather. 



L to R - Jim, Rick, and Arnold at the Tennis barn redone - Tennis barn down the hill



Since Orval's death on January 25, 2008 Arnold has taken over the management of his 99 acre farm near Ada.  Although it can be very demanding work, Arnold has found it a place of enjoyment and peace.  The farm had been neglected after Orval's Alzheimer's and death.  Arnold has done a fine job with limited resources to get the place looking great. 


Farmer Allen on Orval's old Massey Ferguson Tractor and

working with John Deere Tractor

Click here to learn how Arnold and Nancy met and married

Nancy, Arnold's wife

Arnold has lived in Oklahoma, Texas, Nevada, Florida, Mississippi, Illinois, and California. He has traveled widely in the United States.  He is a Christian who grew up attending Southern Baptist  Churches.

Arnold in 1973 with his Chevy Blazer
one of his favorite vehicles


I think the phrase that best describes my husband's experiences with his deadly brain tumor is this: 

Arnold Allen, here now by the grace of God and Dr. Paul Francel. 

Beating his brain tumor is definitely Arnold's greatest victory in life. 



Arnold 1990


News Flash - I am still tumor free.

Thank you Dr. Francel for 19 great years August 17, 2018!!!

Also, a big thank you to my heavenly father. 

Arnold Allen

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On December 16, 2014 Arnold had a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) which progressed to a stroke.  He was extremely ill for about a month.  I was beginning to wonder if he was going to make it.   Amazingly, he made a near 100% recovery, thank God.  He just suddenly started getting better every day. Many people were praying for him. I believe God decided to heal him.  I wrote the Arnold Allen Stroke Diary Diary above mostly to have his history available when needed by any of his doctors. It gives them easy access to his necessary health information.  It is likely too detailed to be of interest to the average person.

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