Nancy as a toddler and a senior at Ada High School


I was born and grew up in Ada, Oklahoma and attended Hayes Elementary School and Ada Jr. and Sr. High Schools.  My parents were Dorothy Elizabeth (Witherspoon) Price and Orval Price of Ada.  I graduated from Ada High School at the age of 16.  I was always a very serious student.  I started writing stories in high school and took several writing courses in college.  


Former Ada High School building my parents and I attended

At the age of 16, I began my long adventure in higher education at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma.  At first Mom and Dad were afraid I wouldn't finish high school, although that never crossed my mind.  Then years later, they were afraid I would never quit going to school.  I have to laugh about that.  The driving force behind my many years of studies was my personal study of the book of Proverbs in the Bible when I was in high school.  It spoke very highly of wisdom.  The only way I knew to become wise was by continuing to learn.

David and Me - Houston

Here is David who is a wonderful son.  We have always been very close and good friends.  He is graduate of Oklahoma State University with a B.S. in Computer Science.  He is married to Amber.  She has a degree in commercial art.  They are a lovely couple.

David and Amber - Santa Fe

I graduated from The University of Oklahoma in 1972 with a B.S. in Business Education and from East Central University in 1997 with a M.S. in Human Resources Administration.  I also attended Oklahoma Wesleyan University, George Mason University, Northern Oklahoma College, Oklahoma State University, and Oklahoma State University Veterinary School.  I attended college for 12 years.  It was a lot of work and expense, but a great experience learning all those new things.  Sometimes it was extremely difficult and frustrating, but overall, a positive experience.


Nancy - East Central University Graduation -

Master's in Human Resources Administration 1997

In 1981 I graduated from Tri County Technology Center in Bartlesville with my Licensed Practical Nurse diploma and I am presently an LPN.

Nurse Nancy 1981 - LPN Graduation

The only thing I ever passionately wanted to do was become a veterinarian.  I worked three years to finish all my pre-vet classes and then started the veterinary program, but sadly was unable to complete it.  That experience left me without direction in my life and a feeling of great loss and disappointment.  I didn't know which way to turn or what to do next.  Slowly, I found new paths to go down and got on my feet again.

Nancy 1986 - OSU Veterinary School

I am married to Arnold Allen.  I have one one younger sister Susan and her husband Alvin.  I have lived in Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, Virginia, and Maryland. 

My Foreign Travel

My foreign travels in 1983 took me to France, England, and Monaco.  I left for the trip from DFW (Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport) and flew to Heathrow Airport in London. That was a 10 hour trip. Then I took a shuttle bus to Gatwick Airport in London.  From there I flew to Marseilles in France and then went on to Cannes, France on the French Riviera. I stayed in Cannes about a week.  Then I took the train from Marseilles to Paris (all the way across France). I took the train to Monaco and back on a day trip. 

Then I took a plane from Charles de Gaulle Airport in France to London, England Heathrow. Finally, when I left to come back I flew from Heathrow to Dallas/Ft. Worth, a 10 hour trip.  On those trips I flew over Greenland which was white, not green.  The pilot pointed this out to us on the plane.  The whole trip lasted 2 weeks.

Coming into France as I said above, I flew into Marseille.  I landed at the Marseille Provence International Airport.  At the time I was very surprised that there were no security checks at the Marseille Airport.  I feel sure that is not the case now.  It is a different world now than it was in 1983.  Also worth mentioning, when Dad went over to serve in WWII in the Army, his ship the Mariposa, docked in Marseilles on January 18, 1945.

Memorable experiences from Europe were going up in the Eiffel Tower, riding the train clear across France (from the south of France to Paris), viewing the breathtaking aqua colored Mediterranean Sea in Monte Carlo, Monaco, and watching fireworks coordinated with music shot off a boat in the Mediterranean in Cannes France. Cannes is a place where many wealthy people come to visit.  I couldn't believe all the Rolls-Royces and other very expensive cars driving around there.  I also went to Nice, France which was a beautiful place that is northeast of Cannes.

Also, remarkable experiences on that trip were going to 3 of the most famous cathedrals in the world:  Westminster Abbey in London (founded in 960, construction began in 1245),  St. Paulís Cathedral in London built 1675 to 1710 another link to St. Paul's Cathedral, and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre (Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre) in Paris, France (on the highest point in the city).  It is dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus.  It is a newer cathedral than the first two.  It was started in 1875 and was finished in 1914.  My dad got to see St. Paulís Cathedral in a trip to London during WWII. He was in the Army.  It had some damage during the war but was repaired.

I also got to see the outside of Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral while riding in a tour boat down the Seine River.  It is probably the most famous cathedral in the world.  The groundbreaking was in 1163 and it was completed in 1345.  I really wanted to tour the inside but just didn't have the time.  I also saw the Arc de Triomphe which is located at the western end of the Champs-Elysees.  It was completed in 1836.  It was built to honor those who fought in the Napoleonic wars.  I was surprised to find out a person could go up to the top of the Arc in an elevator or stairs. The Champs-Elysees is the most famous street in Paris and one of the most famous in France.  I walked several blocks down that street.

I got to see the outside mostly of the Louvre Museum .  I went inside briefly, but couldn't stay long, unfortunately, because it was so late in the day.  I regret not being able to see the whole thing. 

I also saw some museums at the Les Invalides (Musee de l'Armee Invalides) which was established by Louis XIV in 1670 for old or ill soldiers.  The large gleaming, gilded dome can been seen from anywhere in the city.  Located there are the Military Museum and the Tomb of Napoleon.  That was very interesting.

Also, I got to go see one of the oldest medieval towns on the French Riviera called Saint Paul de Vence.  Some of the structures were more than a thousand years old.  That was quite enjoyable and educational. 

In England I also got to stand right by Big Ben which was being repaired at the time.  It is located at the Palace of Westminister.  It has been working since May of 1859. 

I went by Buckingham Palace and saw the River Thames, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, and shopped in Harrods Department Store, and was at both major airports, Heathrow and Gatwick.  Also, I enjoyed riding on the double decker buses.  I rode on the subway a number of places in London.  I was quite shocked the subway stations and trains were spotless.  It all looked brand new.  It was easy to follow their directions to various places.  It was a wonderful trip--a trip of a lifetime.

My day trip from Paris to the Principality of Monaco via the train from France was very interesting and educational.  Click here to start learning about Monaco.  The scenery there is really breathtaking.  I saw several places when I was there:  the outside of the royal palace, an area with many little shops, and then went over to see the casino and surrounding area.  I have never seen such beautiful water as that in Monaco.  It was a gorgeous turquoise blue.  You could tell it was a very wealthy place in general--all the expensive cars, boats, and buildings.  It was stunning.  It was interesting to discover that the country was founded in 1297 and the official language is French.  The ruler is Albert II, Prince of Monaco.  Monaco is located on the French Riviera in Western Europe. The population is about 38,400.  France borders it on 3 sides and on the 4th is the Mediterranean Sea.  Monaco was definitely worth seeing.


Click here to learn how Arnold and I met and married


My husband Arnold 1991


I am a former science and business teacher, nurse, secretary, veterinary assistant, office manager, and technical assistant.  My special interests are reading, writing, web development, surfing the Internet, genealogy, and taking care of my cats.


Nancy 1974

In the past I have done watercolor painting, pencil drawing, ceramics, sewing, and needlework of various kinds.  Also, I am a licensed scuba diver (Padi Master Diver). 


Nancy giving a Scuba Diving Demonstration to children at 

Hayes Elementary School in Ada

I feel writing is my best skill and has served me well over the years.  My story, Happy Anniversary, was shown on national television in 2000 and later internationally.  My husband Arnold and I, a friend Billy, and Dr. Paul Francel were all in the television program.


Courtesy of Lifetime Television Network

Nancy 1972 - Year of OU Graduation

The last job I had until my early retirement, was working for 6 years at Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension Service in the Community Nutrition Education Programs for low income persons and elementary school students. That was in Ada, OK.  Before that I worked for East Central University in Ada, OK for almost 9 years. Most of the time was with the Small Business Development Center. 

I have also worked a number of other places over the years, some of which were Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma State University Veterinary School, Marland, OK School System as a science teacher, hospitals in Bartlesville and Ponca City, Northern Oklahoma College, University of Oklahoma, for the Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church, 2 United Methodist Churches (in San Antonio, TX and Ponca City, OK), COMSAT (Communications Satellite Corporation) in Washington, D.C., and GAO at that time called the General Accounting Office (now called Government Accountability Office) in Washington, D.C.

I enjoy keeping my website updated and improved.  I spend time nearly every day corresponding with friends I have made via my website.  God has richly blessed me and my website and I hope and pray others have been blessed by it too.

I am a Christian and a United Methodist.  Presently, I am committed to telling our story of inspiration to the world. 

Sometimes we think being scientific is not compatible with a Christian life, but I assure you that is not true.  I know with myself, the more I delved into science the more I realized that all those complex things didn't just happen.  It confirmed to me even more that there was a higher power. 

My greatest personal victory was the day my husband's brain tumor was completely removed by Dr. Francel with the help and guidance of our heavenly father.  That was August 17, 1999.  My greatest blessings were the day my son David was born, the day my sister Susan was born, the day I married Arnold, the day I met Dr. Francel, and the day he was able to removed my husband's brain tumor.  I can say without hesitation that no person has impacted my life more than Dr. Francel.  He not only saved my husband from certain death, but also greatly inspired me in the Christian faith.  He was and continues to be a very inspirational, remarkable man.


Nancy Allen 2000

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