These pages are dedicated to my parents who died of Alzheimer's


Orval and Dorothy Elizabeth Witherspoon Price 1990

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Also, these pages are dedicated to Dr. Josef Francel (1924 - 2001).

Josef had Alzheimer's for a year and a half before he died. 

He was a brilliant research engineer and graduate of M.I.T. 

After retirement he was a lay pastor for over 10 years.

He was the father of Dr. Paul Francel a former neurosurgeon and now a minister,

and six other remarkable children. 

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What My Family and I Learned From Mom and Dad Having Alzheimer’s


Helpful Tips - A Survival Guide




These two organizations are a good place to start. 

Alzheimer's Association

Alzheimer's Foundation of America

Here are a number of articles I have read over the last few years that may have some helpful information.  Sadly, there is no cure or proved prevention for Alzheimer's at the present.  My parents took several Alzheimer's medications, but we really couldn't tell they helped.  Hopefully, some more effective ones will be available soon.  I will continue to add links to articles that look interesting or hopeful for the future.

I have decided to add a few other forms of dementia in my links below.

A Better Treatment for Alzheimer's:  Exercise

A potential cure for Alzheimer's?  Scientists discover new culprit behind brain-wasting disease

Alzheimer's and Diet: Good for Heart May Be Good for Brain

Alzheimer's Breakthrough: Researchers Pave Way for Simple Cure

Alzheimer's Could Be a Form of Down Syndrome - Scientific American

Alzheimer’s extracts a high price on caregivers, too

Alzheimer's deaths much more common than realized: study

Alzheimer's disease could be prevented after new blood test breakthrough - Oxford University and Kings College in London, England

Alzheimer's patients put diabetes pill to the test - New theory suggests diabetes drug could help slow brain decay

Alzheimer's toll may rank with cancer, heart disease  More links on this page

An Apple a Day May Keep Alzheimer's Away

Antidepressant may hold promise for Alzheimer's

Being Overweight 'Linked to Dementia'

Binswanger's Disease, a type of dementia - A classmate of mine from high school had this condition and passed away recently.

Blocking brain's 'internal marijuana' may trigger early Alzheimer's deficits, study shows

Brain imaging differences found in infants with genetic risk for Alzheimer's

Brain scan to diagnose Alzheimer's disease developed by scientists (type of Pet Scan)

Busy Brains Delay Alzheimer's Symptoms But Not the Disease

Can changes in the eyes help diagnose Alzheimer's disease?

Can You 'Catch' Alzheimer's Disease?

Can You Prevent Dementia Through Nutrition? 

Cholesterol levels linked to early signs of Alzheimer's in brain

Clear Link Found Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Alzheimer's Disease

Cocoa Extract May Help Treat Alzheimer's

Cold Sores 'An Alzheimer's Risk'?

Commonly prescribed drugs could raise the risk for Alzheimer's

Concussions Cause Brain Abnormalities Similar to Alzheimer’s, Study Shows

Could a LASER zap away Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and even CJD?


CPAP Slows Cognitive Deterioration (as in Alzheimer's)

Curcumin: A Powerful Brain Protection Supplement

Daily Dose of Caffeine May Cure Alzheimer's, Scientists Find

Deep Brain Stimulation may slow down Alzheimer's

Dementia cure may be just 5 years away, says world expert, Dr. Dennis Gillings

Do we all have Alzheimer's completely wrong?  This man says yes

Drinking Juice Might Stall Alzheimer's

Drug discovery yields new hope for Alzheimer's

Drug restores brain function and memory in early Alzheimer's Disease

with amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI)

Early detection of Alzheimer's may be possible through spinal fluid test

Early memory lapses may be sign of dementia

Eight Foods That Help Improve Your Memory

Eight Ways to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease from Prevention.  Some or all of these may help.

Epilepsy drug may reverse memory loss of potential Alzheimer's patients

Even slight hearing loss can lead to dementia and even Alzheimer’s

Exercising may improve brain health in old age

Fish Oil Boosts Brain Power - they may help prevent Alzheimer's disease

Fish Oil Might Guard Against Loss of Brain Cells (study could show reduction in dementia risk)

Five things you didn't know about Alzheimer's

Frequent marijuana use associated with long-term memory loss

Fried, barbecued meats may increase Alzheimer's risk           

Gum Disease Linked to Alzheimer's

Having 2 Parents with Alzheimer's May Raise Risk of Early Brain Changes

High fat low-carb ketogenic and Paleo diets prevent Alzheimer's starve cancer

reported by Fox News and neurologist Dr. David Permutter

How Brain Training Can Make You Significantly Smarter - Try Luminosity

How Down Syndrome May Help Unravel Alzheimer's Puzzle

Innovative treatment holds promise for new approach to Alzheimer's treatment

Iron may be a factor in dementia

Is it really Alzheimer's? Treatable condition (Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus) mimics symptoms of dementia

Just 3 cups of coffee a day could slash risk of Alzheimer's, study finds

Low Zinc: Cause of Alzheimer's?

Major Breakthrough: Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Stopped With New Drug

Man with Alzheimer's who has lost the power of speech except when his dog is around

Married her friend, living with a monster

Mediterranean Diet Cuts Alzheimer's Risk

Mediterranean diet helps cut Alzheimer’s risk - Heart-healthy foods protect brain against mind-robbing disease, study finds

Mental exercise nearly halves dementia risk - Staying active helps build and maintain a reserve of stimulation, study finds (physical exercise helps too)

Nasal spray shows promise as treatment for Alzheimer's disease

Memory loss breakthrough: New implant can reverse Alzheimer's damage (not happening anytime soon)

MIND Diet Keeps Brains 7.5 Years Younger, Study Finds

Neurogeneticists harness immune cells to clear Alzheimer's-associated plaques

New Alzheimer Disease Study Makes Connection To Cause

New Alzheimer's Discovery Could Hold Key to Preventative Treatments for High-Risk Patients

New brain protein tied to Alzheimer's disease

New Study Identifies 9 Risk Factors for Alzheimer's Disease

Abstract of actual article above:  Meta-analysis of modifiable risk factors for Alzheimer's disease - see link to full article on that page on the right side

Nobel discovery opens window to Alzheimer's disease

Novartis to test Alzheimer's Drugs in Patients without Symptoms (but some genetic risk)

Omega-3 intake linked to signs of brain aging (may help prevent some brain shrinkage)

One in three Alzheimer's cases preventable, says research from Cambridge University

Peanut Butter Sniff Test  Confirms Alzheimer's

Peering Inside the Human Brain Map - with some new neuroimaging that is unbelievable at UCLA Neuroimaging Lab with Dr. Arthur Toga and Dr. Sanjay Gupta from CNN

Plaques detected by brain scan may predict Alzheimer's development

Poor Sleep Linked to Alzheimer's Brain Plaques

Potential Treatment for Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Dementia Discovered

Preventing Alzheimer's:  4 ways to cut your risk

Protective brain molecule may stave off Alzheimer's

Researchers discover molecule for potential Alzheimer's vaccine

Researchers:  Drug May Reverse Alzheimer's Memory Problems

Researchers Reveal Pathway that Contributes to Alzheimer's Disease

Resveratrol may reduce Alzheimer's biomarker, study suggests

Rise in obesity poses 'dementia time bomb'

Scientists May Have Found a Way to Bring Back Memories of Dementia Patients

Scientists REVERSE memory loss "for the first time" in Alzheimer's patients with changes to sleep, diet, medication and exercise

Scientists turn to 'brain pacemakers' in fight against Alzheimer's (Deep Brain Stimulation tried for Alzheimer's) from Fox News

Sleep:  The Ultimate Brainwasher?  Story from Science Now magazine relates sleep to Alzheimer's

Sleeping on your side could lower risk for Alzheimer's disease

Smartphone Allows 19-year-old With No Memory To Live Normally - Not Alzheimer's but interesting, profound memory loss problem

Stanford researchers may have found the cure to Alzheimer’s disease

Study Finds Possible 'Recipe' for Preventing Alzheimer's

Study links enzyme to Alzheimer's disease - Journal of Experimental Medicine

Study of thousands of brains reveals tau as driver of Alzheimer's Disease - Important finding

Study Paves the Way for Simple Blood Test to Predict Alzheimer's

The hidden type of Alzheimer's doctors miss (hippocampal sparing Alzheimers - HSP)

Type AB Blood?  You May Be More Prone to Memory Loss

US Alzheimer's rate seems to be dropping, study finds

Walnuts May Help Protect Against Alzheimer's, Study Finds


Weights keep brain nimble, research suggests


We may be able to reverse signs of early Alzheimer's disease


What is Dementia?  From the Alzheimer's Association


Widely Used Drugs Tied to Greater Dementia Risk for Seniors

Women are at the 'epicenter of Alzheimer's disease,' says new report

Worried about Dementia?  Learn a second language.  Study in the journal Neurology, November 6, 2013.