By Nancy Allen

It was another blazing day in August, 2010.  As Arnold was on his way to our farm, my thoughtful hubby helped rescue an elderly woman lying by the side of the highway.  She had been hit by her own vehicle when it started rolling away and she tried to stop it. She had stopped to check the mail in her rural mailbox by the side of the highway and failed to put her pickup in park.  A friend of hers stopped to help too. They helped her in the house as she didn't want an ambulance. Her leg was badly bruised and scraped. Arnold let her use his cell phone to try to reach her daughter but she didn't answer.  The other gentleman named Mike, lived in Union Valley near Ada.  He appeared to be familiar with her house and went  into the kitchen to make her an ice pack for her leg to put on the bruise.  After about 30 minutes Arnold left her in the care of her friend and he went on to the farm.  Sometimes Guardian Angels are helpful, caring humans.

Thanks Arnold!  Great job!

Arnold at the farm on Dad's old Farmall tractor - Hay Barn

There are several good lessons for us in this story:  be sure and put your vehicle in park when you stop and get ready to get out; don't run after your vehicle if it starts rolling away as many people have been hit or run over; and if you see an accident and no one has stopped to help, please try to give aid.  It could be you needing help the next time.   And let's all remember we are God's hands in the world.

Update:  I am very sad to report the nice lady, 88 years old, passed away at her home August 29, 2010.  I don't know the cause but guess it is probably unrelated to her accident as it appeared to mainly be some abrasions on her leg.  I found out that I know two of her daughters and their husbands.  I went to school with two and worked with one of the husbands.  It is a small world.  I am very sorry for their loss.  It is my hope, since she appears to have been a Christian, that she has reunited with her husband in heaven.  He passed away in February of 2010.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.