Chimney Swift picture from

The Audubon Society "Field Guide to North American Birds"


Story By Nancy Allen


May 15, 2017


I was feeding cats at our old house this morning when I suddenly realized there was a bird in the living room on the window.  I had just let Tommy into that room after he had been staying in the kitchen and breakfast room for about a month after his severe allergic reaction to something probably in the living room.  He alerted me to the bird on the window.  I got Tommy into the kitchen and closed the door. 

I ran outside and called to Arnold who was filling the bird bath.  I told him there was a bird in the living room.  He rushed in and  analyzed the situation.  He opened the front door and storm door all the way.  He started to reach for the bird and it started flying, but luckily it spotted the open door and flew right out.  We were so happy the birdís life was saved.  Arnold said he figured the bird was probably close to dying from lack of food or water.  The last time I was in that room was on Saturday, 2 days ago, so it wasnít in there too long, but it probably felt like an eternity to the bird.  Arnold thinks it fell down the chimney.  He studied our bird book and decided the bird was probably a Chimney Swift who is a Swallow type bird. We have prayed several prayers that our new bird friend would survive his frightening adventure.

Arnold has completed a rather scary, dangerous fix for the chimney so no more birds can fall down into the house!  Yea!  There used to be some metal mesh covers over the double stacks on the chimney but they apparently blew away (see picture bottom right).  We had 6 birds come in altogether before the repair was done.  Our bird friends should be safe now and Tommy has been able to go back into the dining and living room to explore and relax.


Tommy (first picture) and our house when we married (second picture)



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