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Interesting Stories and Information Regarding
Paul C. Francel, M.D. , MDiv. , Ph.D.

Dr. Paul C. Francel


Dr. Francel's Great New Endeavor

The Piedmont Park Project

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Helpful book above, Living With Brain Injury, by a patient of Dr. Paul C. Francel, Philip L. Fairclough.   It is dedicated to Dr. Francel and it mentions him several times.  Available on-line from Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com.

Paul C. Francel, M.D., MDiv., Ph.D., Neurosurgeon - Biography.

My thoughts about Dr. Francel leaving his medical practice and entering the ministry.

Russian Boy's Case & Lawsuit from 2006 - Research and my personal thoughts.

Linda Ford Thomas' Story "The Guru" - She was cured of a brain tumor (meningioma) removed by Dr. Francel.

Look Over There Paul - Interesting surgery story about Dr. Francel that he related to me.

You Have a Brain Tumor - The Complete Arnold Allen Story starting in 1991.

No Thanks, We'll Keep Dr. Francel as our Doctor.

Modern Day Apostle - Dr. Francel in this story.

Elizabeth Woodard's story -  from Chickasha who received the ProDisc-L, performed by Dr. Francel

Rachael Merritt's Story, Victory over Dystonia, with Deep Brain Stimulation.  This is a great love story too.

Colleen's Story - Surgical Treatment of Spinal Stenosis.

Roger Gordon - Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy.

Chuck Riley - Surgical Treatment of an Arachnoid Brain Cyst.

Jennifer Hendricks - Surgical Treatment of a Chiari I Malformation in the Brain.

Treatment of a Severe Fall on the Ice and an Acoustic Neuroma treated with the Gamma Knife.

Herman's Story - Surgical Treatment of a Brain Tumor - Meningioma.

Ada Trio Featured on National TV Program - Ada Evening News, August 17, 2000 (reproduction of the original story).  This is the Arnold and Nancy Allen story along with Billy McGowen.

A Second Chance at Life - Dr. Francel Saves Ardmore, OK Boy from Traumatic Brain Injury (reproduction of the original story).

Vinko V. Dolenc, M.D., Ph.D., world famous neurosurgeon who trained Dr. Francel in removing cavernous sinus brain tumors.  Dr. Dolenc is the "father of cavernous sinus surgery."

Deep Brain Stimulation for Essential Tremors - McGraw Hill Online Learning Center discussion with Dr. Paul Francel.


Important Announcement

Dr. Paul Francel has retired from medical practice and has answered the call to the ministry.  He graduated from seminary August 24,  2012 with a Master of Divinity.  He is Assistant Minister to Pastor Mark Borseth at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Yukon, OK.  I can truly say no one has inspired me in the faith more than Dr. Francel, so I know he is doing well in his new career.

God bless you Dr. Francel and good luck in the future!