By Nancy Allen



Left - Arnold Allen                  Center - Our house               Right - New Furnace & Coil

On October 7, 2004 we received our brand new central heating unit and indoor evaporator coil for the air conditioner.  My husband Arnold used his new winch to get them into the basement.  He carefully took the items out of their boxes.  Then he started to place them on the floor, but as he did,  he got a sudden, strong impression to put them up off the floor.  Within 30 minutes, after a hard rain, our basement started filling up with sewer water from a blocked sewer a few blocks away.  Apparently, our check valve partially failed also.  That had not happened in 32 years.

If Arnold hadn't followed the warning in his head, our new heater and indoor evaporative coil would surely have been ruined by the rising water. Thank you Lord for heavenly messages!  Guardian Angel on Duty?  I believe so.