Blacky helping out at the farm

In June of 2009 my husband and I heard there were strong winds or a small tornado southeast of Ada, OK where we lived.  We decided to drive out and check on our cabin and farm buildings out in that area.  As we drove down the county road and got closer we could see a distinct narrow line of trees that were blown over.  We began to worry.  We pulled in the gate and could see substantial tree damage by the cabin. 

Remarkably, about 20 feet from the cabin the damage stopped abruptly just before it hit the cabin.  One huge tree was blown down and there were many tree branches down.  We were shocked, amazed, and thankful the cabin my daddy had built and our precious Blacky cat inside were saved and untouched by the wind damage.  We believe it was a small tornado from studying the nature of the  damage we saw.  Many trees on our farm and properties to the west were down in a line to our place.  We felt if it was only strong winds it would have been over a wider area. Thankfully, the tornado pulled up just in time.  None of our barns were hit either. 

Blacky is a unique, special cat.  I have had many cats in my life but  have never had one nearly as smart as her.  It is obvious she usually knows exactly what we are saying to her. I think someone who had her before must have spent a lot of time and effort teaching her special behaviors like "Stay at the house and don't come until we say it is okay."   If my husband says, "Come on down to the barn"  then and only then will she leave the close presence of the cabin and go down to the barn.  She also knows: "Do you want to go to the barn?" "Daddy"  “Do you want dinner?”  "Do you want to go outside?" "Do you want grooming?" She also knows the words "Blacky up" and hand signs to come up on the couch with me. She knows a number of other things.  We sometimes call her the Einstein of cats.

One time after the tornado one or more people broke into our cabin 2 times in one week and stole a TV each time.  They broke a window the first time and kicked in the front door the second time.  Blacky was inside both times.  Thank God she was safe when I got to her.  I was positively terrified until I could get inside and check to see if she was okay.  I am so thankful she wasn't injured, killed, or scared so badly she just kept running if she had gotten out.  I didn't care about the stolen items, just that Blacky was safe.  We put in a major security system after that.

Blacky Saved by Dr. Vickie Brandon

Another time Blacky was extremely sick for weeks with the most severe bladder infection I have ever seen in a cat. An x-ray showed her bladder walls were greatly swollen, so much so there was hardly any room for urine. I was shocked.  I had never heard of that.  Thankfully my outstanding vet Dr. Vickie Brandon helped save her.  I used my nursing skills to treat her including giving her sub-q fluids under her skin for days along with medication, and with the help of the Lord she pulled through.  Guardian Angel at work in this story? I think so. I continue to pray that the Lord and our Guardian Angel will continue to keep Blacky and the farm safe.


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Arnold by the big tree.  He is 6 feet tall. 

I am so thankful the big tree didn't fall on the cabin and destroy it with Blacky inside.



Many branches and twigs everywhere. 

Arnold cut the whole enormous tree up with a chain saw and carried it off.  A small part of the tree cut up. 


By Nancy Allen