By Dr. Paul Francel and Recorded Here by Nancy Allen

April 11, 2016

Dr. Paul Francel

On April 7, 2016 Dr. Paul Francel, a good friend of mine who saved my husband's life,  reported on his Facebook page a great story to his family and friends.  He showed a picture of a nice young man all dressed up for his prom.  He had a nice smile on his face.  Dr. Francel said, "the young man now lives on the East Coast with his mother.  As a child, his family was told told at Children's Hospital in Oklahoma City that he would die from a massive brain infection throughout his brain.  I tried an experimental procedure for him whereby I literally did a brain wash and flushed all of the bacteria out of his brain.  I am thrilled to report that he lived and recently attended his own prom." 

Dr. Francel said further on his Facebook page, "Boy, I sure loved my job of the past as a neurosurgeon.  I also love what the Lord has called me to do now, but being a neurosurgeon was a glorious job to do service for other people as well."

Note by Nancy Allen:  I decided to share this story because it was quite unusual.  I have never heard of that procedure.  I am so thankful it worked!

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