For he orders his angels to protect you

wherever you go. 

Psalm 93:11

by Nancy Allen


The scene of the accident - Blacky under the table

In September of 2011, my husband and I were out on the patio at our cabin.  He had his back to me looking toward the field to the east.  We heard some dogs barking so I got the idea to stand up on the bench of the picnic table so I could see better to check out the barking.  We really don't like dogs to come around our place since our cat Blacky is outside sometimes.  I didn't achieve quite enough momentum to get completely up.  The next thing I knew I was falling.  I called out loudly to Arnold to get his attention. 

Suddenly, everything changed into slow motion in my head.  I knew I was going to land on my back and hit the back of my head from a height of at around 6-1/2 to 7 feet since I was almost standing up on the bench.  I knew it was going to be bad and very dangerous.  As the seconds seemed to tick by, I finally hit the concrete.  My husband rushed over to me having no idea why I had fallen to the ground.  He kept asking me if I was okay.  I took my time to collect my thoughts and answer.  I felt in no hurry.  Finally, I said something.  I have no idea what.  After a few minutes, he helped me up and into the cabin.  I was very worried about any possible head injuries and my leg was really hurting where it was badly bruised. 

I called my doctor's office and asked them if I should go to the ER.  The nurse asked several questions including if I had passed out at all.  I said no.  She said I didn't need to go unless I had some problems indicating a head injury which she listed. 

Over the past year, I have thought quite a bit about my experience.  As a I nurse, I knew it could have been bad, even fatal.  I knew a lady who had fallen in her closet and was found dead from a brain injury. I can't help wondering and thinking that  my Guardian Angel must have helped cushion the blow and protect my head and back.  Otherwise, it doesn't make sense that I wasn't badly injured, especially from my head falling at least 6 feet.

It was definitely a sobering thought that I have could done myself in or had a permanent injury like trauma to my brain or a skull or spinal fracture--many things were possible--all bad.  I thank God and my Guardian Angel (if he or she helped) for saving me from any serious injury.  I am really blessed.


Nancy Allen