by Nancy Allen

On August 20, 1999 my brother in law Lee and I walked out of the OU Medical Center Presbyterian Tower in Oklahoma City after visiting with Arnold my husband.  He had just had surgery for a brain tumor and was doing well.

As Lee and I approached the parking garage we smelled and saw smoke rolling out the sides of the garage.  We heard sirens.  A fire truck roared up and crunched through the yellow arm barrier and stopped by the garage.  Firefighters entered just as we walked toward my 1995 wine-colored Pontiac Grand Am.

A little sports car next to my car was engulfed in flames.  We were stunned.   I asked a firefighter, "Do you think I should I move my car?"  He said, "Yes, move it quick!"  It was frightening leaping into the car with the flames so close.  I knew the other car could explode at any moment if the flames reached the gas tank.  I questioned my sanity in risking my safety as I drove well away from the fire.

I felt really sad for the owner of the little sports car.  It was badly damaged and the owner was nowhere around.  I could only imagine how upset he or she would feel coming back to the burned car.

I had gotten my car from my son so it had sentimental value for me and I liked it more than any car I had ever driven.  It was sporty and very sharp looking.  Every time I drove it I thought of my son who lived out of state. It gave me a warm, happy feeling inside; and I felt a closer connection to him.

Thank you to my Heavenly Father and Guardian Angel for protecting me and my special car!