For he orders his angels to protect you

wherever you go. 

Psalm 93:11



Arnold Allen
Crystal Bridge - Myriad Gardens - Oklahoma City

On December 14, 1999 my 62-year-old husband Arnold had been repairing a check sorting  machine  at  The Bank, NA  in  McAlester,  Oklahoma.   Because  of  building construction in the area he started to take a short cut to his car. As he was returning to the car with his tool case in hand, a very strong wind was blowing.  Suddenly a voice  in  his  head  urged  him  to  turn  quickly  and  go  the  opposite direction. He immediately obeyed.  Two or three seconds later a  large, heavy piece of fiberboard about 3.5' X 3.5' was blown off a four story building and crashed down where he would have stepped prior to the warning.

Arnold is convinced he would have been killed if he had been struck by the force of this projectile.  At the least, he would have been severely injured, which would have been so tragic since he had just endured a very complex, risky brain surgery in August to remove a large tumor.  The surgery had been a complete success and he had made a remarkably fast recovery.  Surely his GUARDIAN ANGEL WAS ON DUTY that day protecting him and directing his path.

Soon after Arnold's August 17, 1999 surgery Arnold was in trouble again; and Dr. Charles Vest, an ENT doctor in Ada, Oklahoma, rescued him.  Arnold was getting an apparent sinus infection which could indicate something potentially dangerous going on since it was just a few days after Arnold had returned home from the hospital for his brain surgery to remove his brain tumor, and the sinuses are adjacent to the brain and were reported to be involved in the surgery.  Dr. Vest prescribed him some powerful antibiotics which stopped that, thank God. Infections following brain surgery can sometimes prove fatal. 

Actually, Arnold feels like Dr. Vest saved his life 2 times.  The first time was when he went to him earlier, in June of 1991, when he thought he had a sinus infection because of continuing headaches.  Dr. Vest recognized immediately he had a neurological problem and even offered to drive him to the neurology office in Ada.  I thought that was a remarkable offer.   He called Dr. Borne's office and made him an appointment.   I took him over there and the next day he was immediately admitted to the hospital after the scans.  He had 2 problems, a subdural hematoma pressing on his brain from a head injury and also a brain tumor.  Arnold had no idea at that time he had a brain tumor or a subdural hematoma and both needed to be discovered and dealt with.   Here's a big thank you to Dr. Vest for rescuing Arnold twice.  He is definitely Arnold's "Guardian Angel."

Several years ago Arnold was out running in a housing addition called Norris Hills in Ada.  He noticed that the sky was turning green and the clouds were looking angry.   Suddenly, a strong blast of cold air hit him.  Fearful, he raced back up the hill toward home and later that day heard the house he had been standing by was hit by a tornado and later had to be demolished.

In 1969 Arnold had another close encounter with a tornado outbreak when driving up highway 75 from Dallas to Ada.  As he neared Sherman, TX it began looking very threatening in the skies to the south and west.  He looked into the rearview mirror and was horrified to see a long rope tornado chasing him up the highway.  He was bombarded by a huge hail storm about that time.  The hail was about a foot deep as he tried to reach a bridge underpass.  He finally pulled under the bridge as the tornado turned east.  Then a few minutes later he spotted a large, black wedge shaped tornado ahead going from the west to the east.  Luckily, it missed him too.  Arnold told me he learned an important lesson from that experience.  Do not drive into threatening weather and keep the car radio on in bad weather.

Another time he was driving down the highway in Oklahoma and no other cars were around.  Suddenly out of nowhere the driver's side window shattered into a thousand pieces.  Startled, he fought to stay on the road.  Finally he pulled over to assess the damage.  He figured it had been broken by a shell, probably from a long distance, but no shell every turned up in the car.  It was a frightening experience.  It remains a mystery.

At least 3 times he was nearly struck by lightening when out running.  During the worst storm, it was hitting all around him.

On November 4, 2006, Arnold was out running one of his usual routes around a local park in Ada, usually one of the safest places in town.  As he approached the east road around the park a gun shot rang out from a rifle or hand gun about 200 to 300 feet up the path.  He said it was not from a shot gun.  Soon after, he heard the sound of the shell going through the leaves near him.  He doesn't believe anyone was trying to shoot him.  He guessed it was a hunter who was unaware of the danger of shooting a gun toward a road in town in a populated area.  It was way too close for comfort.  Arnold had run in the park hundreds of times with no other mishaps.  We think is was just a freak occurrence and it will never happen again.

April 12, 2010 - here we go again.  Arnold was cleaning up some trash thrown on our property and leaned down to pick up something.  Suddenly he realized he had been stabbed in the face by a tree branch, right under his only good eye as blood gushed out of his face.  He saw he had just escaped possible blindness by the tree branch missing his eye by a half inch or less.  If Arnold had lost his vision in his one good eye his life would have been drastically changed for the rest of his life.  Thanks again to the Lord and his Guardian Angel for preventing a real tragedy.  He had a black eye afterwards. but that was okay.  He will wear safety goggles for all yard work in the future.

December 16, 2014 - present day - On Dec. 16 Arnold had what we thought was a TIA (mini or temporary stroke) and appeared better the next day or so, but soon it became apparent that he was getting much worse and had experienced a stroke with severe symptoms which continued for over a month. At times I felt he might die or be permanently severely disabled.  Amazingly, he has had a full recovery except for a few minor quirky health conditions.  I think, with the Lord's help, I was acting as his Guardian Angel.  Even though I am a nurse, I believe the Lord intervened to heal him.  Also, I attribute his healing to the many people that prayed for him and me also.  See special new page on this - Arnold Allen Stroke Diary.   

I think it is obvious to all who have read these stories that Arnold's Guardian Angel is still on Duty protecting him.  Thank God for that!


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