by Nancy Allen

Kerr Center - East Central University

One day in 1994 I was working at East Central University and I became violently ill at my office.  I thought desperately to myself, "Arnold, come help me!"

About 15 or 20 minutes passed and who showed up at the door?  It was Arnold my husband.  I was very happy and relieved to see him.  He helped me out to the car and took me home.

I was rather shocked he had shown up.  He was a very shy guy and I was working at a new job.  He was always very slow to come around a new job situation where he didn't know anyone.  This was definitely out of character for him.

I asked him how he happened to come over there.  He said he got a sudden, very strong feeling that he must go over to my office right away to check on me.  When I told my son about it later, he said, "Someone must have called him."  I checked with co-workers and Arnold.  No one in the office had called.  But, obviously, someone had called him.  It just wasn't a co-worker and it wasn't via the telephone.

Upon reading this story my dear friend, Linda Ford Thomas  told me, "I think your Guardian Angel contacted Arnold, who obeyed and went to see about you!"  Was it my Guardian Angel?  Was it E.S.P.?  It is a mystery, but I do believe God was looking out for me that day.

Nancy  and  Arnold Allen