Jennifer Hendricks, March 7, 2007 

I am a 30-year-old mother of a beautiful 7-year-old daughter.   Starting in 2004 I began having severe headaches, my arms and fingers were tingling and sometimes numb, I was very light sensitive, I had nausea and dizziness, and I was light headed.  My symptoms grew progressively worse.  I went to two different doctors and they kept giving me migraine medication.  They put me through every test imaginable.  Finally, I was sent for an MRI that revealed that I had a Chiari I Malformation of the brain.

In Chiari I Malformations, essentially there is extra cerebellum crowding the outlet of the brainstem/spinal cord from the skull on its way to the spinal canal. Click this link to learn more - includes a helpful diagram.

My aunt told me about Dr. Francel and my mother searched on the Internet for information about him.  She found Nancy Allen's Brainwavz website.  After studying the the website and visiting with Nancy my mother made me an appointment with Dr. Francel.  He performed many Chiari I malformation surgeries, probably more than any other neurosurgeon in the Oklahoma City area.

Dr. Francel successfully corrected my problem surgically on March 25, 2005 and I had an additional small procedure April 26th.  I am doing great now.  I am back to normal and have returned to work.  I am enjoying life with my family.  Thanks Dr. Francel and Tami Myers!   (Tami was Dr. Francel's P.A. who was extremely helpful.)

My mother and Nancy Allen still e-mail and have become good friends.    They have discussed many times how lucky I am to live at the present time, because throughout history, people with my condition had to suffer their whole lives because there was no cure.  That is hard to imagine.  God has blessed me and my family in so many ways!


It should be noted that Dr. Francel is now retired from the medical field. 

He graduated from seminary August 24, 2012 and is doing the Lord's work with a number of other activities.

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