One day in the year 2000 I sat quietly working at the computer in my office, when out of the blue a voice as clear as a bell spoke to my mind, "PRAY FOR DR. FRANCEL!"  Shocked at this unexpected message and its obvious urgency, I dropped everything and began to pray for every conceivable thing I could think of about him.  I felt desperate to zero in on the needed prayer as my mind searched frantically.  When I ran out of ideas I felt at peace, but yet wondered and asked God, "Why me?"

Then in a flash I knew the answer.  Why not me?  God realized, in his infinite wisdom, that I was perfect for the job because I prayed every day for Dr. Francel and his family.  He knew I would not fail him in this time of need to carry out his surprising command.

Since then, I have regretted not recording the date of the event so I could compare notes with Dr. Francel to see what was happening at that particular time.  I have always thought it was probably some problem during a surgery that needed some extra prayer power.  I will never know for sure.  I told Dr. Francel about it later and he also wished I had recorded the date so we could compare notes.

Recently, I noticed a striking similarity between this story and Arnold's story, Arnold's Escapes From Danger.  We both received an unexpected, urgent call to do something quickly.  In Arnold's case I believe it saved his life.

I am thankful and joyful God called me to help my good friend Dr. Paul Francel and the general public in various ways:  by praying for Dr. Francel, writing the original story, getting our story on Beyond Chance on Lifetime Television, and now creating this web site - BRAINWAVZ.  God has done many good works through Dr. Francel over the years and I am happy to have played a very small part in His great scheme of providing good things for mankind.

Nancy Allen

Dr. Paul Francel

Important Announcement

Dr. Paul Francel has retired from medical practice and has answered the call to the ministry.  He graduated from seminary August 24, 2012.  I can truly say no one has inspired me in the faith more than Dr. Francel.   I know he will do well in his new career.

Dr. Francel is now Assistant Minister to Pastor Mark Borseth at Resurrection Lutheran Church Yukon, OK.  He is also Co-Director of the Piedmont Park Project.

God bless you Dr. Francel and good luck!