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A Boston Marathon record is about to be set--by a man with a movement disorder (Dystonia)

Alex's Incredible Transformation after Dystonia Surgery

American Dystonia Society, Inc. on Facebook

American Dystonia Society Community Center

A talk-show host, a concert pianist and countless golfers have dealt with dystonia

Benefits of Asleep Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Lead Placement With ClearPoint Neuro Intervention System

Indicated in Study of Pediatric Primary Dystonia Patients

Botox Warning - This drug used quite a bit with Dystonia

Deep Brain Stimulation Explained

Dystonia Medical Research Foundation

Dystonia  -  Mayo Clinic

Electronic brain stimulation relieving Warren man's dystonia

Experts report lasting benefits of deep brain stimulation in patients with hereditary dystonia

Genetic breakthrough allows treatment of devastating disorder in children

'I just want it to stop': Healthy young Australian backpacker suddenly loses control of his body and has constant neck spasms after contracting rare and debilitating disease with no cure

Inside Alex's Deep Brain Surgery for Dystonia

Journal of  the American Academy of Physician Assistants

Deep Brain Stimulation:  A review of the procedure and the complications


Living with a cruel disease, Dystonia


Man with Dystonia says, 'There is hope'


Michigan man with movement disorder (Dystonia) working to raise awareness of the condition


Mysterious Disorder a 'Life Sentence'

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke - Dystonia Fact Sheet

New procedure helps patients with Dystonia

My note:  not too new--my friend Rachael Merritt had this done in 2006.

Rachael Merritt - Living with Dystonia - Treatment with Deep Brain Stimulation

Researchers hope brain's plasticity can be used to treat disorders (like Dystonia and Parkinson's)

Scientists identify new protein in the neurological disorder dystonia

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals launches first of its kind laryngeal dystonia clinic in Yorkshire (England)

Skier works to beat neurological condition (Dystonia)

Study focuses on mutated protein associated with early onset torsion dystonia

Surgery (DBS) Unlocks Muscles for Boy Trapped in His Own Body (by dystonia)

The difficult management of patients with respirator segmental dystonia


University of Michigan Medical School researchers detail new discoveries

about basic biology of dystonia - DYT1 gene


Warren man battling dystonia raising awareness for crippling disease with walk Sunday