On August 18, 2005 my husband Arnold placed a package on our porch for pick up by FedEx to be returned back to his company.  He had shipped parts this way for almost 20 years with no problem.  The machine part was worth about $2500.  I came home at lunch and saw the package was gone but noticed there was no receipt in the door as there should have been.  At that time the shipping companies were not going paperless using hand held computers like they do now. 

Then on August 24 Arnold realized the package had not arrived at its destination.  He called FedEx and they had a request for pick up of the package but had no record of it being picked up, shipped, or arriving.  At this news Arnold concluded the package was probably stolen off our porch.   He was dreading informing his boss of the loss.  We were contemplating making  a police report.

I decided to take this problem to a higher power.  I contacted my prayer partners and we prayed about the package--that it would arrive at the company or the thief would feel bad and put it back on our porch.

The next day Arnold checked with his company and was stunned and thrilled to learn it had arrived at its destination!  The big question is, how did it get there?    Did a thief feel guilty and send it on when he or she realized the package was of no value personally?  If it was shipped by FedEx, why was there no receipt left and no record in their computers of any part of the shipping process?   It is a mystery.

For me and my prayer partners, we rejoice that the Lord took care of the problem and the package was safely back at Arnold's company.  The Lord works in mysterious ways!  Our Guardian Angel helping out?  Probably so. 

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