By Nancy Allen



My Special Kitty - Love at First Sight


In 1987 my son David called me and asked me if I would please come over to his apartment to look at a kitten he had found.  I was really hesitant.  I had several cats already.  At the time David and I were both living in Stillwater, OK. I was working for Oklahoma State University.  He was going to school at OSU majoring in Computer Science.  Finally, I agreed to go look at the kitten and she walked right toward me and into my arms and heart.    She and I were just about inseparable from then on.  She was my constant lap cat any time I sat down.  She slept by my side at night. We had a very special connection with each other. 


In April of 1990 I decided to move back to my home town in Ada, OK and marry Arnold Allen.  I moved my cats there. PeeWee was enjoying her new house which was much larger than my mobile home had been in Stillwater.  She had the run of the place inside. 


In November of 1990 PeeWee's adventures around the large house took a dangerous turn.  My husband had installed a food bar upstairs in our recreation room several years before.  It had a panel that usually covered the area over the small frig with the microwave on top.  Unknown to me Arnold had taken the panel out for some reason.  The adventuresome PeeWee climbed and jumped very high and got in the crawl space over the microwave and into a ceiling area.  She walked several feet and accidentally fell about 7 feet down the inside of the wall nearby.  She was at floor level and trapped in the wall.  She couldn't climb back up the wall because she was declawed.  I had no idea all that was happening to my dearest cat.


Arnold was upstairs relaxing on Thanksgiving morning when he heard some funny sounds from the bar area.  He went over to investigate and finally found the location of the sound and realized it was a cat crying inside the wall.  Arnold frantically started tearing out the wall to get to the cat.  We didn't know if it was PeeWee or another cat. Soon, out stepped PeeWee no worse for wear and tear, but probably shaken up from such a frightening experience after the long fall and being trapped in the dark in the narrow space inside the wall.  We weren't sure how long she was in there.  It was probably not more than an hour or so at the most.  Thank goodness PeeWee's adventure turned out well.  Here's a big thanks to Arnold, her Guardian Angel who was obviously on duty that day helping save my most precious cat, and my Heavenly Father.



PeeWee in the kitchen (left) and playing in a box on the bed (right)




A few years after PeeWee's rescue from the wall incident she became very ill.  She had extremely severe, chronic bladder infections that could not be stopped.  Dr. Vickie Brandon, my regular vet at Felines and Friends in Ada, Oklahoma said that after her graduation from Vet School she had worked for a vet clinic called Mustang Animal Health Clinic in Mustang, Oklahoma with Dr. Nita McNeill. She recommended I try her.  Now the clinic has another vet working there as well - Dr. Carissa Harold


This clinic does traditional veterinary medicine and also a great amount of alternative and holistic medicine.  Dr. Nita has even travelled and trained in China to learn some of her techniques and she has studied a wide range of alternative medicine.  Be sure and click on her link above and you will be amazed at her remarkable training and skill.  Dr. Carissa is also doing extensive alternative medicine.  To make a long story short with PeeWee her life was saved by alternative holistic medicine when traditional medicine no longer could save her. 


My theory, and I believe the theory of my vet's, was that PeeWee was under a tremendous amount of stress prior to the start of her steep decline in health.  She was around a number of other cats and things weren't going well with the group. It is a well known fact that stress can lower the immune system.  I have seen that in myself, cats, and other people.  Also, I am a nurse, so fairly knowledgeable on such things.  I had the idea to put PeeWee in isolation indefinitely upstairs in my house so she could experience no stress from her environment.  This was while I was driving her up to Mustang, Oklahoma several times a month for several months for her alternative medicine treatments. She had some medications, acupuncture, and body manipulations. 


It all worked and PeeWee recovered.  So rather than telling her goodbye, we had a happy future together.  Thanks so much for that Guardian Angel Dr. Nita McNeill.  I suppose alternative medicine isn't for everyone, but Dr. Nita has people that come from other states to see her when all hope is lost.  She is remarkable.  Dr. Nita and Dr. Clarissa also practice traditional veterinary medicine.  I was blessed to meet Dr. Nita and have her treat my precious PeeWee.  I definitely call Dr. Nita McNeill PeeWee's Guardian Angel.


If you want to learn more about Veterinary Holistic Medicine click here to go their website.


Mustang Animal Health Clinic is located at 130 East Highway 152, Mustang, OK 73064.  Phone:  405-376-4556.


PeeWee relaxing (left) and resting on her perch (right)


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