By Nancy  Allen

Baby Jesus, so sweet and small,
Many never noticed you at all.
But there were some, both plain and wise,
Who saw the signs within the skies.
The Angelsí voices singing praise.
The star above your bed ablaze.

How strange and wonderful your birth.
Both God and man you came to earth.
Your tiny life like a candle glowing.
Every day your light was growing.
Your flame became a beacon light
Leading men from wrong to right.

Who could hardly guess back then
What you would come to mean to men.
At first you seemed to be just human
But all along you were Godís son.

Your flame of life sent from above
Lights up our world with Godís pure love.

And as your birthday draws so near
We want to thank you for coming here.
I wonder, Lord, how far you came.
Was it past stars and worlds aflame?
The miracle is though, you still remain.
Throughout all the universe, you reign.

©  1975


Published in the Ponca City News

 Christmas season 1975



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by Nancy Allen