Below is a list of person's needing prayer for healing unless otherwise noted.  Thank you for your prayers!

Rachael Farnsworth Merritt (featured in Brainwavz) for severe seizures (Dystonic storms) caused by Dystonia (non-epileptic in nature).   Since moving to Maine her seizure problems have improved and she is no longer completely house bound like she was in Oklahoma.  She is able to attend church and she and her daughter are occasionally singing in church for the members and guests.  One big problem though is any very loud sound can bring on an attack which can sometimes last for an hour or more and can be severe.  This problem extremely limits her outings.  She has a new neurologist who is really wonderful and a great blessing.  He is the one who is programming her deep brain stimulator device.  Without that device she couldn't walk or do much of anything.

Rachael's mother Patricia Farnsworth for severe Dystonia.   She is the wife of former Pastor Barry Farnsworth in Kingfisher, Oklahoma.  The church is Victory Baptist Church.

David Allen severe back condition and many other serious health problems.  Has 3 children.  Great nephew of Arnold Allen and grandson of C.L. Allen.  He lives in Seminole, OK.

Donna Long needs a lot of prayer for healing.  She is in an Ada, OK nursing home.  I don't know all the details but she is not in very good condition. I think she went into heart failure after some procedure and was on a ventilator for several years.  She is off of that now but has serious problems.  She is the sister of Garry Lee Hill of Ada (recently passed away).  For more about Garry click here.