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Roger Gordon Story

Surgical Treatment for Epilepsy


Happy Anniversary Story

Surgical Treatment for Epilepsy


Florida Doctor on New Epilepsy Surgery


Cutting-edge procedure eliminates seizures


Neurosurgeon first in US to perform novel

brain surgery on 1-year-old with epilepsy


Arizona Man Cured of Lifelong Crying Seizures,

350 a Month


Robot Can Perform Brain Surgery Through Patient's Cheek


Eleven-year-old girl seizure free following brain surgery

The Children's Hospital at OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City


Teen Started High School with Surgery that Removed Half Her Brain.

She's Now Getting Ready to Walk Across the Graduation Stage.


Marijuana stops child's severe seizures (300 Grand Mal Seizures a Week)


Maryland mother seeks medical marijuana for her 3-year old twins

with rare disorder (Miller-Dieker Syndrome) which causes seizures


Marijuana (Cannibis oil) treatment by ER doctor for his 11-year-old daughter

Study to look at early surgery to treat epilepsy - CNN

CyborgRx: How Smart Implants Could Change Medicine

Woman has part of her brain removed after suffering from seizures every 4 minutes