By Nancy Allen


Skipper around 2006         

Skipper was a very sweet cat that came by our house and decided to stay.  For some strange reason he had some serious run ins with dogs.  None of my many other cats had that unfortunate luck.  Few dogs were around.  One day I was looking for him around the house calling his name.  Finally, I spotted him in the front flower bed. I realized he was severely injured.  My heart sank.  I knew my chances of catching him to get help were near zero.  All I could do was pray that God would help me catch him.  Praying for help catching cats, had become pretty much routine in our household the last few years.  A cat would need to be caught, but I knew my chances were close to zero of me nabbing the cat. 

So once again, I prayed and plotted my strategy to get my hands on him and into the carrier.  I very slowly and carefully walked up to him and placed a towel on him.  He allowed me to do it. It worked!   I rushed my dear Skipper to my vet, all the time pleading with God to save him.  Dr. Brandon told me, because of the severity of his injuries, she believed he was attacked by a dog.  Like me, she also believed his chance of survival was low.  She patched him up as best she could. As with other sick or injured cats, we all knew if he hadn't had food for 3 days he would probably get liver failure and die.  I asked Dr. Brandon if I could feed him, so I fed him some soft food with a syringe right away. 

Because he was so gravely ill, I came in at least once a day to the clinic to help with his care.  I would comfort him, pray for him, and help feed him. Sometimes I gave him fluids under his skin.  Skipper was the most seriously injured cat I had ever seen to that point and I had worked for a vet in the past and I had owned many cats.  He was all cut up and appeared extremely weak. I don't think he could even stand up at first.  He must have lost a lot of blood.  I didn't ask, but I assumed he was in critical condition. I am a nurse.  I sent up many prayers for his survival.  Finally, after many days he recovered.  After that time I called him the Lazarus Cat in addition to his name Skipper.  I consider myself very blessed to have had Skipper as my special cat.

I honestly don't know if Skipper had a real Guardian Angel or maybe Dr. Brandon and I were his human Guardian Angels.  I do feel taking care of homeless cats was and is one of my callings in life--something that God has wanted me to do.  I had the qualifications:  the love, the opportunity, the medical knowledge, and the resources.

I would like to add that Dr. Vickie Brandon my vet works as a Guardian Angel to all the animals that come into her clinic!  Thanks so very much for her selfless and compassionate work!  She always goes the extra mile to help.


Vickie Brandon, DVM

2627 Arlington St.

Ada, OK  74820

580-436-6369 (MEOW)


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