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Compiled by Nancy Allen



My husband's Stroke Diary written by me, Nancy Allen:  Arnold Allen Stroke Diary.


Other Links


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Stroke Facts and other information


Dehydration Linked to Greater Stroke Damage


Interactive rehabilitation device restores vet's hand after stroke--this is amazing


Mayo Clinic - Stroke - Symptoms and Causes


Mayo Clinic - Stroke rehabilitation:  What to expect as you recover


Medical News Today - Everything you need to know about stroke.


Medline Plus - NIH - U.S. National Library of Medicine - Stroke


National Stroke Association


NIH - National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke - NINDS Stroke Information


Six year old Oklahoma girl has a stroke, family talks about her recovery


Stroke information from PubMed Health - National Library of Medicine - NIH - This is a really good list of symptoms (click on the Symptoms link).  My husband had about 3/4 of them when he had his stroke recently.


WebMD Stroke Health Center