by Nancy Allen

Some years back  I read an excellent book called Jesus Wants You Well  by C.S. Lovett and some other items related to visualization.  They deeply impressed me.  For a person who is sick, I believe it is really helpful to spend some time every day visualizing yourself getting through your surgery with flying colors and/or recovering from your illness in record time with no ill effects.  The more realistic you make it in your mind, the better it supposedly works.  The body really listens and reacts positively or negatively to your thoughts.  In other words, the body tries to do what the brain is telling it to do.

The body tries to do what the brain tells it to do

To prove how that works in a small way, look how the body reacts negatively to a perceived threat.  You see something move on the floor--maybe your cat is moving a belt and you believe it is a snake slithering.  All kinds of chemical reactions start up in your body as a result of your believing that was a snake.  Or maybe you believe you accidentally drank some poison from a cup in the garage when it was really just some old stale soda pop.  You will probably start getting sick.  That is a form of visualization and belief.  Your body listened to your brain and reacted negatively which sent chemical signals to your body alerting it to danger.  It was not a real snake or real poison, but your body reacted to it very negatively as if it was.

And we all know how detrimental it can be if we think something bad is going to happen to us or a family member.  The body can go into a tailspin.  When my mother was sick in the hospital in 2002 it stressed me out so much I got sick and nearly had a stroke.  My husband rushed me to the doctor.  My blood pressure went up to about 210/110.  My brain told my body some really bad things.  All kinds of chemical reactions started up and my thoughts made me very ill.  Since that day I have had high blood pressure.  I never had it before then.


Another example, one summer many years ago there were some very bad things going on at my son's father's house where he was staying for 3 months.  He was a grade school child.   His dad bought him a motorcycle and let him ride in the street which was illegal and very dangerous. I was trying everything I could think of  to stop my son from riding that motorcycle in the street.  I ended up with giant hives on my body while he was gone from the stress--all caused by my body going nuts from what my brain was imagining and telling my body.   My mind made my body very sick.  Likewise, your negative thoughts and fears can negatively affect your illness and possibly even the outcome of your surgery somewhat.

My son David, age 8 - He is a grown man now

But good news!  This can work in reverse!  You can think yourself to better health to a certain extent.  Back to Arnold, I don't think he spent very long prior to his surgery thinking negative thoughts that he might not make it, or that he might be horribly impaired in a nursing home, or that he might leave me a widow.  He knew it was very serious business and he could die.  He told a few clients good bye, just in case, and he got rid of a little of his hardware collection.  But when the day finally rolled around, he went into the surgery 100% convinced he was going to be 100% cured with no ill effects.  And there were many people praying for him, including Dr. Paul Francel.  I  believe all those things helped tremendously.

Arnold Allen and Dr. Paul Francel

Can you imagine a patient like Arnold who had the complete opposite belief going in for surgery--a true recipe for disaster!  Or can you imagine a doctor going into surgery believing he couldn't really do the surgery and/or that the patient would probably die?  None of us would want that surgeon operating on us!

Since I am such a believer in what I just described to you,  I really encourage you to go into surgery and/or treat your illness with positive thoughts, visualization, and prayer.  That is a good recipe for success.  And choose an excellent doctor, if you can.  Never assume a doctor is good just because he or she is board certified.  Do your homework.  Talk to people and search the Internet.  Find out all you can about the doctor.  Ask the doctor many questions. 

You want a surgeon who does many surgeries of your type--not just once in a blue moon.  The voice of experience is speaking here.  That is the first wrong move we made with choosing the first surgeon for Arnold's brain surgery (not Dr. Francel).  I asked the doctor how many of those type surgeries he normally did, and he said "we" (his group) not "I" normally did about one (maybe he did none.)  He said they normally did mostly back surgeries. That should have been a huge red flag to us.  Our weak excuse was we didn't have a clue of another surgeon to pick.  Unfortunately, we have paid the price for it for since 1992 with my husband's suffering the ill effects.  And friends, above all, ask the Lord for guidance and pray a lot.

If you would like to read a good book on positive thinking this is a classic and is excellent:  The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.  Available on

This is an excellent book mentioned above, Jesus Wants You Well,  by C.S. Lovett.  It is about 10 healing laws and prayerful, Christian-based visualization.  Available on

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