Honoring and Remembering

Dorothy Elizabeth Witherspoon and Orval Price

Mom and Dad


by Nancy Price Allen

Mom and Dad around the time they met at Ada High School

Mom, Dorothy Elizabeth Witherspoon, was born Aug. 14, 1921 in Ada, Oklahoma.  Dad, Orval Price, was born September 6, 1920 in Duncan, Oklahoma.

Mom met the love of her life, Orval Price, at Ada High School.  One day she picked the young man she thought was the most handsome football player at school to help her change the tire on her car.   They began to date on New Year's Eve 1937.

Mom and Dad around 1938

Ada High School (old building my parents and I attended)

They graduated from Ada High School in 1939.  Mom attended Sullins College in Bristol, VA and Oklahoma University in Norman, OK.  At OU she was a member of Chi Omega Sorority. Dad attended East Central University in Ada, OK. Mom was a skilled equestrian.  Her horse was named Dixie.  She took Dixie with her to Oklahoma University where she participated in several equestrian classes with her.

Mom's and Dad's Wedding Announcements

Ada Evening News Announcement (Dad's name should have been spelled Orval)


Marriage Licenses from the Ada Evening News

Mom and Dad fell in love and married on December 14, 1941--one week after Pearl Harbor was bombed.  They left immediately for Wichita, KS to live.  Dad had to be at work the next day at at Beech Aircraft Corporation factory where he was a plane inspector.  Mother's dress that she and her mother picked out in Oklahoma City for the wedding didn't arrive in time as it was promised by the store, so mother just wore another dress.

Mom and Dad during WWII - 1943

Nine months after their marriage on August 27, 1942, Dad enlisted in the U.S. Army to serve his country in World War II.   For the next 2 years they lived in 5 different states.  Those were tumultuous times for  our country.  Dad was a Staff Sergeant  in the 770th Ordnance Company, 70th Infantry Division.  Eventually he went overseas.  He embarked from Boston, MA on January 8, 1945 on the Mariposa.  He disembarked from the ship in Marseilles, France after having arrived there on January 18, 1945. 

Dad served in England, France, and Germany and had 20 men under his command.  He was in Hochst, Germany when word was received that Germany had surrendered to the Allies.  An informal party was held in the mess hall to celebrate V-E Day that evening, May 8, 1945.   Daddy remarked on several occasions over the years how nice the German people were (not referring to the military, of course).   He was released from the Army January 26, 1946.

Dad during World War II - Staff Sergeant Orval Price

After the war was over, Dad returned to Ada, OK.  He and Mom started their family with me and 6 years later my sister Susan.


Mom and Dad in 1945

Dad was a building contractor (Co-owner of Price & Todd Construction Co.) for several years and then he and mom became owners of a loan company which was started by my grandfather J.G. Witherspoon (Witherspoon Finance Co.).  Dad was a 5th grade Sunday School teacher for several years at the First United Methodist Church of Ada, president of the Ada Tennis Club for about 20 years, and Chairman and Member of the Board of our local hospital, Valley View Regional Hospital which is now called Mercy Hospital.  Mom was a fine homemaker.  She played the piano and was very active in church work at the First United Methodist Church, Ruth Rachel Circle, and Douglas Bible Study in Ada.  Both my parents loved to go dancing and playing tennis.  Dad had a whole room full of tennis trophies. He donated most of them to Ada High School to be recycled (new name plaques put on them.)  He played until he was 85 years old. 


Display made by Arnold Allen of Dad's flag and a few of his many tennis trophies


Announcement for Dad's Retirement Party March 17, 1999

from Witherspoon Finance Company


My parents were members of the First United Methodist Church in Ada, OK until they passed away.  Above are pictures of the outside and inside of the their church. 

It is located at 129 West 14th Street.

Dad and his construction company built the
East Central University Kathryn P. Boswell Memorial Chapel above

Mom passed away on July 8, 2007 and Dad on January 25, 2008--both of Alzheimer's. Their passing was sad, but I know they are in a better place and together.  I hope to see them again some day in heaven.  I wanted to honor them so I put their pictures and story here to share with you. They were happily married for 65 years.

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Mom and Dad about 1989 - Mom and Dad 1981


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