Nancy and Arnold Allen

How We Met and Got Married

Nancy and Angel "Puggy" in Stillwater 1989

During the fall of 1989 when I (Nancy) was living in Stillwater, Oklahoma I was talking to my dad, Orval Price, and learned that his best friend, Arnold Allen, was getting a divorce.  The news from dad definitely piqued my interest.  Arnold and dad became friends around 1971.  Arnold always tried to help dad with various projects.  Around 1972 Arnold assisted dad in the construction of the Tennis Barn at my parents' farm.  It was an indoor court.  On the outside it looked like a barn. 


Tennis Barn down the hill at the farm in 2008

Arnold did much of the very detailed and demanding wiring of the lights while lying on a high scaffolding and he also did some of the welding.   It was a huge project.  It is a great place to play tennis in inclement weather.

When my grandmother died 1971 my mom and dad offered to sell her house to Arnold and his wife at the time.  It was next door to my folks.  They bought it in 1972.  It was a house I spent untold hours in as a child growing up. 


Arnold Allen and Nancy Naman in 1972

I met Arnold in 1972 when I went to visit my folks.  I was also married to someone else at the time.  I realized Arnold was extremely smart, talented, well educated, well mannered, and very nice.  He was always designing and inventing things and was really creative.

So, when I heard he was getting a divorce I wrote him a letter in 1989 and we began corresponding and talking on the phone.  The reason I used to write him was to thank him for helping dad once again with a huge project.  In early 1989 there was a very large snowfall in Ada and the tennis barn (O-Dot Tennis Ranch) roof fell in.  Arnold helped him build it back again with stronger roof supports.  After his divorce became final, I dropped by to see him in Ada, my original home town, on Christmas of 1989.  Soon after we began seeing each other regularly.  I didn't find out until years later that my dad had been encouraging Arnold to date me.  All those years I had thought I had the idea for us to get together.  So, that was an interesting surprise.


Tennis barn collapse 1989

Picture to the right is Dr. Stanley Wagner (left) and Orval Price (right) my dad.

Stanley is the former President of East Central University in Ada, OK.


Much later photo to show project recently - Spring of 2010 after more renovation -

Court resurfaced and new net - Arnold (R) and friends Jim (L) and Rick (M)

We had an extremely whirlwind courtship and decided to get married on April 21, 1990.  It happened so fast we were getting our rings and realized he hadn't yet asked me to marry him.  He took care of that quickly.  We wouldn't have married that fast except it was too difficult dating while living and working in different towns and travelling every weekend to see each other.  Also, Arnold's son was 14 and living at home and he required supervision.


Our wedding and reception April 21, 1990

First United Methodist Church Rollow Chapel, Ada, OK

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Our House and Deja Vu

So, as strange as it sounds, I ended up living in the house of my childhood that I had spent so much time in growing up.  Arnold had completely remodeled the house, thankfully, as it was very old fashioned when my grandmother passed away.  It was really strange for me though.  It was deja vu constantly.

I kept remembering things I did in the house previously and trying to imagine how it was when my mom lived in the house with her parents and dad came over to visit her when they were in high school.  I tried to see in my mind all kinds of things relating to my family when they lived there before I was born.  I would sit in my living room, and remember that Mom and Dad (Dorothy and Orval Price) were married in that very same room on December 14, 1941--exactly one week after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  My Uncle Edgar and Aunt Kathryn Witherspoon married in our living room Jan. 3, 1941. My grandparents J.G. and Elizabeth Bres Marable  Witherspoon had the house built in 1937.  My mother kept her horse Dixie next door in a barn.  That part of the property ended up being where my folks built their house later. Reminder, clicking on underlined items (links) will take you to additional information about the person or item.


J.G. and Elizabeth Witherspoon around 1907 -  Theirs and our house when we married

It turned out to be really nice living in Ada.  My parents and my sister and her family were living there.  That enabled my sister and me to become very close.  I got to know her husband and children well.  I so treasure that time together.  I am also thankful for the time I spent with my folks.  It was especially helpful when dad and mom got Alzheimer's and they had to be supervised constantly.  It has been a very interesting, challenging time since Arnold and I married.  God has really blessed us!  And I should add, that our long marriage would have ended prematurely if Dr. Francel had not intervened and saved Arnold's life.  We owe everything to him.  He is definitely our hero!


Arnold around the time we married



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